Next Level Plus

We are a plus size based social club developed to merge those who struggle with being confident in their own skin with people who have also traveled the same path of self development in body acceptance this connection has produced organically stronger self confident enriched individuals.
Our goals of creating friendships, networking, lifetime experiences and relationships have far exceeded expectations. Our membership is so diverse in education, location,and demographic. We feel so privileged to have the pleasure of hosting local and international guest.
Please treat yourself and join us here in Chicago for events that you will never forget!

Premiere Partners

Curvy Ventures is dedicated to empowering the Plus Size Community by offering their clients new and exciting adventures with unforgettable memories.

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Shapley Events

Shapley Events

Shapely provides a comprehensive list of plus-size friendly events. Stay up-to-date with the latest bashes, parties, meet ups and trips both nationally and internationally. We also provide a wide array of services. Check us out!
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