1-27-2016 Since July 2014, Living Large Chicago has been the Nations Hottest and Fastest growing BBW group. Now LLC wears the crown for the home of the biggest BBW Halloween Bash in the country. LLC is a trailblazer for the plus size community. People fly in from all over the world to attend their bashes, mostly notably, their now famous Halloween “Boo”ty Bash.

This past year the bash was held in Chicago-land at the Holiday Inn, Itasca, IL. The three day bash was a hit, with hundreds of people that traveled out to the event.

Thursday night was the meet and greet pool party, guests were invited to come hang out by the pool, enjoy music and complementary drinks poolside.  The most important part of LLC’s events is the environment of acceptance, and the ability to strut your swimwear without fear of judgement.

Living Large Chicago brought down the house on Friday night, with a fashion show, complete with runway and music, for all those that purchased VIP dinner packages. They kept the party going afterward with their Pajama Dance Party, complete with dance floor, and special VIP seating for all the SSBBW’s in attendance.  The ever present Phat-O-Booth at all of their events, captured peoples funniest and sexiest poses on the photo booth’s prop bed. Photo booth pictures, taken at the Phat-O-Booth are always free to guests that attend their events.

Saturday night was the biggest night of the Bash, where almost 400 people showed up in their best costumes to dance the night away. Right off the dance floor and sitting area was a full vendor room, were attendees were invited to buy goods, all while mingling and tearing up the dance floor. The party got so heated it set off the fire alarms and bought in the fire department to join in on the fun.

Prizes given away Saturday night included, flat screen TV’s, tools set, Coach Bags, and so much more.

With the “Boot”ty bash being only their Second Annual Halloween Bash, LLC has demonstrated the high caliber for their events, in so doing, lifting standards for BBW events across the board.

Living Large Chicago has raised the bar and added class to the plus size community and its parties, filling in a much needed gap.

With this only being the beginning of their group, it is clear that amazing things are to be expected in the future with Living Large Chicago.

Rebecca Bedford